perjantai 30. toukokuuta 2014

Digital painting

I did recently two art tests; the subjects were "13th century outlaw girl" and "Magical fairytale garden". I havent painted digitally for some time, so it was quite refreshing challenge to do.

 "13th century outlaw girl" (test 1)
(click for bigger image)
The instructions said that: "Character must NOT be in static stance, she should be in action, she must be sexy and cute, a pet or assistant is welcome near the character, she should be well integrated into surrounding nature".. Though I was reasonably satisfied with this, I think I could do better work if I started again from scratch.

 "Magical fairytale garden" (test 2)
 The instructions for this said that: "You need to imagine a meadow or a garden in a fairy tale setting. [..]  The scene needs to breathe a lot, lots of free space, lots of room to move.

 Keep all elements simple, do not over-detail – give implicit suggestions instead of explicit drawings.
 Keep everything clean, very readable.

Be mindful of delivering a fairy tale mood, use color contrasts that emphasize dreams and happiness – blue skies, yellow suns and so on.

Always think of adding some mystery to the image, play with the whole garden concept and add touches that make one wonder what really happened or what could happen there."

So I tried to do just that. I hope these tests were succesful, and I'm hoping to make better paintings soon!

Also, I've just quit my work at housemarque. It was 20 years ago exactly, when I started at Terramarque (which later became Housemarque), and while I wasn't with them all those years, it's still an interesting coincidence.