torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

Other small update

I'm leaving on saturday to Prague, to draw the graphic novel I always wanted to draw (which you guessed is of course D'Moleyk).

If you want to follow how it's progressing, you can check out the facebook and twitter pages for this comic.

So here are the links:
DMoleyk on facebook
DMoleyk on twitter

sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2012

A slight update..

I finally did that image to Dmoleyk's homepage
At least now you know something about the tone and characters.
Image was made with Winsor-Newton brush, which is all kinds of better than brushpen.

perjantai 24. elokuuta 2012

Publishing on ipad!

I have published three comic books for ipad!

However, I'm afraid they are in finnish only, but you can purchase them if you have access to finnish ibookstore.

Here are straight links:
Lopunperä 1
Lopunperä 2

Teräsbetonimetsä is made by my friend, Kallematti Waris. And it's brilliant.

maanantai 13. elokuuta 2012

Some watercolor

I did these colour vignettes for the next issue of Sarjainfo.
In these pictures are sarjainfo's editor Reetta Laitinen, talented artist and comics collector Jyrki Vainio, and revered swedish comics journalist Fredrik Strömberg.
I am publishing these with Reetta's kind permission.

keskiviikko 1. elokuuta 2012

Near Dark

If I had the hair to match, I would prefer to look like Lux Interior or Severen from Near Dark.